HiWEB at a glance

DADEH GOSTAR e ASR e NOVIN (DGA Novin) has been active as one of Private Access Provider (PAP) companies since 2003. The company was privatized in 2009 and introduced the brand “HiWEB” to the telecommunication market. Operated under this brand, the company was able to quickly grow in the competitive market of data and internet access services to the extent that it was chosen as one of the top companies by the Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA) on late March, 2015 for providing services in more than 450 cities throughout Iran.
Following its own development path, HiWEB has always tried to offer comprehensive telecommunication services to bring satisfaction to its customers. Obtaining public trunked radio license in 2015, which offers wide range of organizational services, is among these achievements. Continuing down the road of ever-growing success, HiWEB was granted the license of Fixed Communication Provider (FCP) by CRA in 2016. With the support of more than 550 of its expert workforces and by relying on technical capabilities, HiWEB succeeded to close the country's largest communication network contract with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to exclusively provide high speed internet for a period of 10 years to more than 25000 villages across Iran.
The company hopes to stay committed to the organizational values (customer focus and innovation) in its path of excellence and strives to provide the customers worthy and innovative services. The quality and diversity of services offered by HiWEB in previous years is a proof of such effort.

HiWEB at a Glance