HiWEB “Customer Scoring” System

HiWEB “Customer Scoring” System

In order to provide better services and obtain customers’ satisfaction, HiWEB provides its subscribers with special advantages through its Customer scoring system.

Your Stars

Now, you may see the number of your stars in your user account.

The number of stars is determined based on a combination of your purchase rate, purchase frequency, Subscriptions history and etc... This is a dynamic system and changes automatically. If you increase the number of your purchases or purchase rate, you will receive more stars and vice versa.
The number of stars change between1 to 7. The more the stars, the higher your rank among our customers and the more advantages.


Based on their stars, all customers can benefit from several advantages including:

  • Being in high priority in the call center queue
  • Better ceremonial gifts
  • Birthday gifts

In addition, based on star numbers customers can benefit from the following special advantages

Number of stars Advantage Usage Condition
2 Receiving a Sparkler (15 GB in 9 days) as a gift
3 and above Free 300Mb traffic as the emergency traffic Once every six months
5 and above Access to special Sparklers (see the following table)
7 Receiving a Sparkler (100GB In 10 days) as a gift Once every six months

Special sparklers

For every special star, customers can use the following special Sparklers. They are accessible to customers who their star numbers are above 4.

Number of stars Traffic (GB) Day Price (Tomans) Usage Period
5 and above 9 5 7,500 Once per month
6 and 7 15 10 12,000 Once every two months
7 120 60 70,000 Once every four months

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